21 décembre 2016

Why the Taxpayer Bill of Rights is merely feel-good PR; Auditor general exposes seriously flawed system (National Post)
Vern Krishna, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section, shares his thoughts on the Canadian Taxpayer Bill of Rights.

Marco Rubio wants CRTC Super Bowl ad decision reversed (iPolitics)
Michael Geist , Faculty of Law - Common Law Section, defended the CRTC in a blog post on December 8, noting the Super Bowl is an outlier compared to other major sporting events broadcast in Canada.

Canada's Pot Legalization Could Spur Problems With U.S. (Huffington Post Canada)
Errol Mendes, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section, comments on the impact of the legalization of cannabis on Canada's involvement in international conventions that criminalize possession and production of cannabis.

Canadian telecoms oppose expanding police access to digital information (Mobile Syrup)
This article mentions a previous Globe and Mail piece, where Michael Geist, Faculty of Law - Common Law Section, mentions many previous attempts the government made to enable easier access to carrier data, including Bill C-30 and the lawful access legislation that was passed in... 

Incorporating firm can bring tax relief (The Lawyers Weekly)
Vern Krishna, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating and operating through a professional corporation.

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Mercredi, Décembre 21, 2016
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