20 decembre 2017

With the CRA blocking more than half of its calls, it's time for a Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Financial Post)
Vern Krishna, Faculty of Law, explains that Canada should legislatively enact the Bill of Taxpayer Rights and ensure fair tax administration.

U.S. net neutrality move puts OUTtv expansion in slow lane (The Globe and Mail)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, explains that smaller companies could face challenges, as U.S. internet service providers experiment with priority access to their networks.

U.S., FDA Can Learn from Japan How to Reduce Smoking (HuffPost US)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law, comments on the dramatic decline in Japanese cigarette sales due to the domination of "heat-not-burn" products.

We like to think the rules guiding organ transplant eligibility are fair and equitable. They're not (CBC News)
Jennifer A. Chandle and Vanessa Gruben, Faculty of Law, share their thoughts on organ transplant eligibility.


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Mercredi, Décembre 20, 2017
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