19 janvier 2018

PRO: Grant program does respect rights; Government's mandate is to promote gender equality, Daphne Gilbert says (Ottawa Citizen)
Daphne Gilbert, Faculty of Law, shares her thoughts on the federal government’s decision to require a commitment to human rights in its Canada Student Job (CSJ) grants.

Nova Scotia hires two Crown attorneys to focus on sexual-assault cases (The Globe and Mail)
Elizabeth Sheehy, Faculty of Law, comments on the enhanced prosecution model, wherein senior Crown attorneys with expertise in sexual assault cases provide ongoing advice and sometimes mentoring to trial crowns.

Watchdog petitions federal court to kill new appointments for lobbying, ethics commissioners (Hill Times)
Duff Conacher, Faculty of Law, comments on the Trudeau government for the way it handled appointments for the lobbying and ethics commissioners.


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Vendredi, Janvier 19, 2018
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