19 decembre 2017

Canada pushes for diplomacy in North Korea crisis despite long odds and limited role (CBC News)
Roland Paris, Faculty of Social Sciences, discusses Canada's role in the North Korea nuclear crisis.

Inadmissible: grandfather's immigration bid hindered by past (CBC News)
Jamie Liew, Faculty of Law, shares his expertise on immigration law and explains that participation in a peaceful protest or a non-violent act of civil disobedience in another country could be interpreted as subverting a government, meaning their application to immigrate to Canada would be found inadmissible.

Correctional Service of Canada looks to complete strategy to deal with aging inmates (CTV News Toronto)
Jennifer Chandler, Faculty of Law, comments on the aging incarcerated population and the quality of health care provided in the correctional setting for seniors.

Reynolds enters FDA modified-risk tobacco gauntlet with Camel Snus styles (Winston-Salem Journal)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law, comments on the six styles of Camel Snus becoming the first Reynolds American Inc. tobacco products to enter the Food and Drug Administration review process for gaining modified-risk status.


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Mardi, Décembre 19, 2017
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