18 et 19 septembre 2017

Why Canadian cell phone bills are among the most expensive on the planet (National Post)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, comments on the price of cellphone contracts in Canada: "Canada ranks among the more expensive countries within the G7 in every category but one".

Lawyer Allen Linden won compensation for thalidomide victims (The Globe and Mail)
Jeremy de Beer and Bruce Feldthusen, Faculty of Law, comment on Allen Linden's pivotal role in the quest for compensation and justice for Canada's thalidomide families and his influence in modern Canadian tort law.

Why the rich should revolt -- and it's not for the reasons they think (National Post)
Michael Wolfson, Faculty of law and Faculty of Medicine, is a co-author of a 2014 study titled: Piercing the Veil: Private Corporations and the Income of the Affluent, which analyses small business corporations.

Une voix pour les travailleurs vulnérables (Le Droit)
Katherine Lippel, Faculté de droit, a reçu la médaille d'or du Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines du Canada pour ses travaux sur les droits des travailleurs.


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Lundi, Septembre 18, 2017
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