17 mars 2017

Foreigners (Read: Netflix) Spend More On CanCon Than Local Networks (Huffington Post Canada)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, outlines Netflix's investment in Canadian content and how it coincides with the sharp Canadian growth in foreign spending.

Privacy commissioner investigating Canada Border Services Agency over electronic media searches (Vancouver Province)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, outlines the uncertainty and the lack of transparency surrounding the current powers and processes of customs border agents in regards to privacy and searching electronic devices. 

Creative licence: Natasha Bakht (CBA National)
Natasha Bakht, Faculty of Law, is pictured dancing and comments on the importance of dance in her life.

Linguistic dualism and the LPP (CBA National)
Anne Lévesque, Faculty of Law, comments on the Law Practice Program, launched in 2014, which was marked as one of the most significant changes to the licensing process in Ontario in decades.  

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Vendredi, Mars 17, 2017
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