17-18 mai 2018

Trudeau condemns Israel's shooting of Canadian-Palestinian doctor, calls for independent investigation (The Globe and Mail)
Errol Mendes, Faculty of Law, comments on Justin Trudeau's statement on the use of “excessive force” against civilians in Israel.

E-cigs now legit in Canada, with strings (Kitchener Post)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law, explains how the law essentially treated vaping like smoking, with similar regulations.

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Ottawa accorde un meilleur accès à la cigarette électronique (Le Droit)

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Bell denies privately reviewing FairPlay piracy blacklist application with CRTC (Mobile Syrup)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, talks about Bell presenting its anti-piracy website-blocking plan to Canada’s telecom regulator in a private meeting months before it formally launched the FairPlay campaigns.

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Vendredi, Mai 18, 2018
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