16 avril 2018

Big buzz about new cannabis law course at U of O (CBC News)
Adam Dodek, dean of the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law, talks about offering two courses in the emerging field of cannabis law— making the University of Ottawa the first Canadian university to do so.

Why can't prime ministers just stay home? (Toronto Star)
Penny Collenette, Faculty of Law, shares her thoughts on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's travels.

Canada risks falling behind on data protection (GlobeAdvisor)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, comments on data protection in Canada.

Has BlackBerry become a 'patent troll'? (Canoe)
Jeremy de Beer, Faculty of Law, comments on BlackBerry's patent infringement lawsuits against Facebook and Snapchat.

Environmental overhaul (Canadian Lawyer Magazine)
Joshua Ginsberg, Faculty of Law, comments on the federal government's legislation to rename and restructure the National Energy Board and create a new agency in charge of environmental assessments.


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Lundi, Avril 16, 2018
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