13 avril 2017

Trudeau Unveils Bill Legalizing Recreational Marijuana in Canada (New York Times)
While Canada’s new marijuana legislation could put Canada in violation of three United Nations treaties concerning drugs, a study released by the University of Ottawa Global Strategy Lab found that the government may be able to justify its measure under exemptions for “scientific purposes.”

Reconsider how trial delays are calculated, Ontario urges (Ottawa Sun)
Carissima Mathen, Faculty of Law, explains system cases that are in a “transitional period.” and the application of the Jordan principles.

Platonic parenting -- is this the way of the future? (Yahoo! News)
Natasha Bakht and Lynda Collins, Faculty of Law, share their experience as two best friends who decided to become co-parents and raise a son, seven-year-old Elaan, together.

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Jeudi, Avril 13, 2017
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