10 avril 2017

Syria attack, Vimy Ridge anniversary: Maclean's on the Hill (Macleans)
Craig Forcese, Faculty of Law, analyses the Syrian situation by looking at the repercussions of the missile strikes, and whether or not the U.S. even had the right to attack.

Critics of sanctuary cities are plain wrong; The policy doesn't grant immunity from our laws, says Jamie Liew (Ottawa Citizen)
Jamie Liew, Faculty of Law, shares her thoughts on Ottawa as a sanctuary city. 

How I Met Your Mother (Indian Express)
Natasha Bakht and Lynda Collins, Faculty of Law, making legal history when they became co-parents without being romantically involved.

QC to host International Arbitration Week (Qatar Tribune)
Anthony Daimsis, Faculty of Law, will speak at the Qatar International Dispute Resolution Workshop Week from April 16 to 20. An event that highlights the required specialized knowledge and essential skills for international dispute resolution. 

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Lundi, Avril 10, 2017
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