1-4 août 2017

Bell presses CRTC to overturn ad policy ahead of next Super Bowl (The Globe and Mail)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, comments on the CRTC's ruling that blocked Bell Media from substituting its own television feed over the U.S. broadcast of the Super Bowl. 

Parking tickets tossed over court delays since Supreme Court's Jordan decision (CBC News)
Blair Crew, Faculty of Law, explains that the Jordan ruling was not intended for small regulatory offences like a parking ticket, but rather was aimed at true penal offences.

Gene mutations may play role in blacks' higher cancer death rates (Winston-Salem Journal)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law, discusses the importance to better understand and treat cancers and other diseases caused by cigarette smoking.

LA Times Uses Old Data To Push 'Prohibitionist' Stance Against Vaping (The Daily Caller)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law, analyzes the Los Angeles Times' "prohibitionist" stance against vaping and says “they are dismissing the big picture”. 

Marewa Glover & David Sweanor: Vaping can make us smoke-free by 2025 (NZ Herald)
David Sweanor, Faculty of Law, shares his thoughts on New Zealand's Smokefree goal with the use of vaping products. 

Legal battle pits telecom giants against Montreal software developer in TV piracy crackdown (National Post)
Michael Geist, Faculty of Law, comments on the legal battle between TV Addons, a popular site for apps that allow users to access online content from media giants like Bell Canada, Rogers Communications and Videotron.

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Ottawa not doing its job to hold Volkswagen to account for diesel dupe: lawyers (National Post)
Amir Attaran, Faculty of Law, discusses Environment Canada's investigation concerning the accusations that the government is dragging its heels on investigating Volkswagen for duping Canadians with diesel engines.

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Des dossiers de contraventions sont abandonnés en vertu de l'arrêt Jordan à Ottawa (Sympatico)
Blair Crew, Faculté de droit, explique que l’arrêt Jordan n’a pas été conçu pour les petites infractions réglementaires, mais vise plutôt les vraies infractions pénales.  

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Vendredi, Août 4, 2017
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