1-2 novembre 2018

In Canada, pretending to be a witch is a punishable offense (Washington Post)
Natasha Bakht, Common Law Section, and doctoral student Jordan Palmer, describe  section 365, a law in Canada which deals with the crime of “pretending to practice witchcraft” since 1892.

Some governments are pushing back against Google's powerful political influence - but not ours (Financial Post)
Among the groups contributing to the fight for piracy and against FairPlay is the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic at the University of Ottawa.

B.C.'s new lobbyist laws need to cover unpaid influencers, says democracy watchdog (The Star Vancouver)
Duff Conacher, Common Law Section, comments on B.C.’s new lobbyist laws.

Statscan stumbles into digital age under rules designed for the filing-cabinet era (The Globe and Mail)
Teresa Scassa, Common Law Section, talks about Statistics Canada and data in today’s era.

Nouvelle étape pour la refonte de la Loi sur les services en français (ONFR)
François Larocque, Section de common law, sera l’un des membres du comité de rédaction chargé de proposer au gouvernement de l’Ontario une nouvelle mouture la Loi sur les services en français.

Baloney Meter: Has there been a significant reduction in irregular migration? (CBC News)
Jamie Liew, Common Law Section, comments on the difficulty of measuring and predicting the number of irregular migrants who come to Canada.

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Ottawa argues one province's failure to bring in a carbon tax will harm others (CBC News)
Amir Attaran, Common Law Section, says Saskatchewan made a mistake by not acknowledging that the federal and provincial governments can co-operate to solve a problem such as climate change.

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