Genetic Resources, Justice and Reconciliation Canada and Global Access and Benefit Sharing

Chidi Oguamanam
Décembre 2018
Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781108557122

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When the oral history of a medicinal plant as a genetic resource is used to develop a blockbuster drug, how is the contribution of indigenous peoples recognized in research and commercialization? What other ethical, legal, and policy issues come into play? Is it accurate for countries to self-identify as users or providers of genetic resources? This edited collection, which focuses on Canada, is the result of research conducted in partnership with indigenous peoples in that country, where melting permafrost and new sea lanes have opened the region's biodiversity, underscoring Canada's status as a user and provider of genetic resources and associated indigenous knowledge. This work is an important resource for scholars, corporations, indigenous peoples, policymakers, and concerned citizens as Canada and other countries take on the implementation of Access and Benefit Sharing policies over genetic resources and associated indigenous knowledge. This book is also available as Open Access.

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Chidi Oguamanam teaches Contract law, Intellectual Property and Human Rights, Agricultural Knowledge Systems, Biodiversity and Food Security. He has diverse interdisciplinary research interests in the areas of global knowledge governance in general, especially as manifested in the dynamics of intellectual property and technology law with emphasis on biodiversity, biotechnology, including agricultural biotechnology. He identifies the policy and practical contexts for the exploration of the intersections of knowledge systems, particularly western science and the traditional knowledge of indigenous and local communities within the broader development discourse and paradigm. He is interested in the global institutional and regime dynamics for negotiating access and distributional challenges in regard to the optimization of benefits of innovation by stakeholders.

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