A Framework for Assessing Technology Hubs in Africa

Jeremy de Beer, Paula Millar, Jacquelen Mwangi, Victor Nzomo, et Isaac Rutenberg

(2017) 6:2 New York University Journal of IP and Ent Law 237-277.

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This article explains the importance of technology hubs as drivers of innovation, social change, and economic opportunity within and beyond the African continent. The article is the first to thoroughly review and synthesize findings from multi-disciplinary literature, and integrate insights from qualitative data gathered via interviews and fieldwork. It identifies three archetypes of hubs — clusters, companies, and countries — and discusses examples of each archetype using Kenya as a case study. The article discusses potential collaboration, conflicts, and competition among these archetypes of hubs, and concludes with recommendations for future researchers.

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Jeremy de Beer creates and shapes ideas about technology innovation, intellectual property, and global trade and development. As an interdisciplinary scholar, he has published five books and over three-dozen peer-reviewed chapters and articles across the disciplines of law, business, political science, international relations and public policy. He is also a co-founder and director of the Open African Innovation Research network, Open AIR, which connects dozens of researchers across African countries, Canada and elsewhere to scale up innovation by easing tensions between intellectual property and access to knowledge. Also a practicing lawyer and expert consultant, he has argued numerous cases before the Supreme Court of Canada, advised businesses and law firms both large and small, and consulted for agencies from national governments and the United Nations. 

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