Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law

Craig Forcese et Nicole LaViolette

Novembre 2014
Irwin Law
ISBN:  978-1-55221-384-1

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More Canadians are riding bicycles than ever before, but did you know that riding your bike in Canada is now almost as heavily regulated as driving your car?

Whether you are one of more than 200,000 Canadians who commute by bike, the parent of a child with her first two-wheeler, a veteran racer, or a recreational rider, the chances are you will need this book. In Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law, Craig Forcese and Nicole LaViolette, both law professors and avid cyclists, provide a comprehensive overview of Canadian law for bicycles — covering rules of the road, purchasing and using bicycles, what to do in the case of an accident or a stolen bike, starting up your own cycling club, racing your bike, and much more.

Accessibly written and often humorous, this book is written for those with little or no legal background. Using straightforward and jargon-free explanations, the authors include anecdotes and examples drawn from their own experiences as seasoned recreational and competitive cyclists. Every Cyclist’s Guide to Canadian Law will also provide an authoritative reference for lawyers, club directors, coaches, and sporting event planners.

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Craig Forcese teaches public international law, national security law, administrative law and constitutional law. He also co-teaches advanced international law and relations at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs.  He also co-organizes and instructs the Canadian component of Georgetown Law’s National Security Crisis Law course and simulation. In 2017, Professor Forcese and Kent Roach received the Canadian Civil Liberties Association Award for Excellence in Public Engagement (“for courage and commitment to human rights, human dignity and freedom”). In 2016, he was named jointly with Professor Kent Roach as among the “Top 25 most Influential in the justice system and legal profession” by Canadian Lawyer Magazine. In response to their work on national security law, Craig and Kent also received the Canadian Law and Society Association Book Prize (for their book False Security) and the Reg Robson Award (given annually by the BC Civil Liberties Association “to honour a community member who has demonstrated a substantial and long-lasting contribution to the cause of civil liberties in B.C. and Canada”). Professor Forcese was inducted as a member of the uOttawa Common Law Honour Society in 2016. 

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Nicole LaViolette a consacré la majeure partie de ses travaux savants aux domaines du droit des réfugiés, des droits de la personne au niveau international, et du droit de la famille. Elle s’est intéressée en particulier aux minorités sexuelles et au système de détermination du statut de réfugié. Elle a publié de nombreux articles sur cette question et donné des conférences lors de congrès nationaux et internationaux sur les questions relatives aux réfugiés. La professeure LaViolette offrait une formation de perfectionnement professionnel lié à l'orientation sexuelle et l'identité de genre à l'intention du Conseil du statut de réfugié du Canada sur l'immigration depuis 1995. En outre, professeure LaViolette a fourni des conseils d'expert et une formation au Haut-Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés sur les réfugiés gais, lesbiennes, bisexuels et transgenres.

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