Energy, Governance and Sustainability

Jordi Manzano, Nathalie Chalifour et Louis Kotze, dirs

Octobre 2016
Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 978 1 78536 811 0

Résumé (dans la langue de publication) :

This timely book makes an original and in-depth contribution to the debate about how to transform our energy governance systems into ones that support a fair, safe and sustainable society. It combines perspectives from leading scholars to provide a global outlook on alternative approaches to energy governance and innovative experiences. Taken as a whole, it offers a unique overview of some of the innovative and novel ways in which law can support the shift to sustainable and equitable energy systems.

The first section lays the conceptual and theoretical foundations for alternative approaches to energy governance, including its constitutional foundations, the role of human rights, and an environmentally just system that seeks universal access to energy for all. The second section showcases concrete innovative experiences in energy governance from around the globe, including smart cities, the role of the courts, energy efficiency of buildings and the harnessing of energy from waste. Finally, the authors consider the social justice dimension, discussing the exploitation of energy resources by multinational companies in developing countries and the importance of agricultural production, distribution and consumption in energy transformation.

This unique overview of state-of-the-art approaches to transformation of energy governance is vital reading for policy-makers and both legal and non-legal scholars concerned with energy law, sustainability and justice, as well as global governance.

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Nathalie Chalifour est co-directrice du Centre du droit de l'environnement et de la durabilité mondiale. Elle a aussi été nommé conjointement à l'Institut de l'environnement en tant que directrice du programme gradué interdisciplinaire portant sur la durabilité environnementale.  De portée interdisciplinaire, sa recherche explore les liens entre l’environnement et l’économie ainsi que la justice environnementale et sociale. Nathalie a écrit et publié sur des sujets divers, notamment, les taxes sur le carbone, la justice sociale, l’ecofiscalité, la foresterie durable, les sites contaminés et les effets des règles de commerce sur la biodiversité.

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