The Civil Litigation Process: Cases and Materials, 8th Edition

Janet Walker, Jane Bailey, Barbara Billingsley, David A. Crerar et Erik S. Knutsen

Février 2016
ISBN:  978-1-55239-678-0

Résumé (dans la langue de publication) :

Now in its eighth edition, The Civil Litigation Process: Cases and Materials remains Canada's leading casebook on civil procedure. The new edition reflects recent developments in the law and embodies changes in the evolving approach to the teaching and learning of procedural law in Canadian classrooms.

While the basic structure of the book has not changed, the authors have updated numerous topics and materials — including Indigenous dispute resolution, constitutional rights to legal services, expert witness, and national class actions — and have made adjustments to the focus and sequence of the topics of continuing interest.

The eighth edition is organized into 12 chapters — mindful of the need to keep the text manageable and user-friendly within the time constraints of the standard Canadian law school semester. The authors have condensed each excerpt and each section of notes and questions.

The Civil Litigation Process, 8th Edition is truly national in scope, referring to cases and rules from all common-law provinces. It draws on the strong tradition of teachers and scholars of procedural law in Canada, with an author team of specialists from across the country: Janet Walker (general editor), Jane Bailey, Barbara Billingsley, David A. Crerar, and Erik S. Knutsen. Their collaborative efforts throughout the developmental process have resulted in a comprehensive, efficient, and exceptionally teachable resource.

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Jane Bailey teaches cyberfeminism, technoprudence, contracts, and civil procedure courses. Her research focuses on the impact of evolving technology on equality, privacy, freedom of expression and multiculturalism, as well as the societal and cultural impact of the Internet and emerging forms of private technological control, particularly in relation to members of socially disadvantaged communities. She is the team leader of Working Group 1 on a 7-year MCRI project entitled "Rethinking Processual Law:  Towards Cyberjustice"  and a co-principal investigator with Dr. Valerie Steeves of the Department of Criminology on The eQuality Project, a 7-year SSHRC Funded Partnership investigating the relationship between online behavioural targeting of youth and "cyberbullying".  She and Dr. Steeves previously co-led "The eGirls Project" , a project focusing on girls' and young women's experiences online that was funded by a 3-year SSHRC Partnership Development Grant.  Her current research is focused on online harassment and hate, privacy and equality concerns arising from online behavioural targeting of youth, and access to justice.

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