Update Number 30 - April 20, 2020

Today is the beginning of the last week of exams.   We are so close!

Summer 2020 Student Support Initiative

Today we are launching the Summer Student Support Initiative for Experiential Learning (SSSI).  You will get a separate email outlining the contents of the program as well as the timelines for applying.   Thanks to the generosity of the donors identified below, we have been able to devote $250,000 to the SSSI to create over 50 new funded summer positions.   In addition, the SSSI has recruited a number of new summer positions by legal employers as well as new internship positions with law firms, sole and small law practices, and legal organizations, as well as faculty-associated clinics.  Internships will be for 3-credits and 115 hours, with variable intensity and durations.

The SSSI was made possible thanks to support from the following funds/donors: the Vahan Kololian Graduate Scholarship, the Graduate Scholarship in Environmental Law and Sustainability (Anonymous), the Nicole LaViolette Fund for Immigrant and Refugee Students in the French Common Law Program, the Shirley Greenberg Chair, the Hyman Soloway Chair, and the Jay S. Hennick and Law Foundation of Ontario Common Law Endowment.  

Thanks to the members of the SSSI Committee who have worked so hard over the past 10 days to put this program together: Penelope Simons (Chair), Louise Bélanger-Hardy, Suzanne Bouclin, Karine Laframboise, Danielle Lussier, Cintia Quiroga, Joanne St. Lewis, Tony Van Duzer and David Wiseman.


Have a good week!

Adam Dodek



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