Counselling and Wellness

The Common Law Student Centre is pleased to offer a number of services intended to support students who are faced with a personal challenge or crisis over the course of their studies. We understand that personal factors can impact one academically – we are therefore committed to offering support such as counselling, referrals, and academic accommodation.

The Equity & Wellness Counsellor will work with students to help them clarify various personal issues and learn strategies that can help them cope with the challenges that they face in their educational, personal and professional lives in order to have a successful experience in law school.

Specialized referrals can be made by the Equity & Wellness Counsellor to an appropriate service. Common referrals include those to psychologists/counsellors in private practice and to various community resources.

Please contact for additional information.

Counselling Resources

Member Assistance Program:

As Law students, you are invited to use the free and confidential support and counselling services provided your Member Assistance Program (MAP).   This is a service funded by and fully independent of the Law Society of Ontario, available 24/7 at 1-855-403-8922 (TTY: 1-866-433-3305).


Counselling Services (University of Ottawa):

The University of Ottawa’s Counselling Services also provides free and confidential counselling support to Common Law students. For a consultation, please call 613-562-5200 or visit their website. The Counselling & Coaching Service is located at 100 Marie-Curie (Health Services building), 4th floor.


University of Ottawa Health Services (UOHS) - Mental Health Unit:

The Family Health Team of the UOHS offers mental health services. The Family Health Team Psychiatrists and Mental Health Counsellors are available to patients enrolled with a family physician with the UOHS Family Health Team. Services are free. 

The Legal Mind Program
Legal Mind Logo

The Legal Mind Peer Mentorship Program consists of 10 upper-year student volunteers who are dedicated and passionate about helping first-year students integrate and adapt successfully to law school at the University of Ottawa. They are an essential component of ensuring a positive experience and seamless transition for first-year students as well promoting wellness within our law school community.

This program reflects a growing movement in the legal profession to include wellness and mental health within the law school context. With the goal of ensuring that our student body privileges wellness and self-care, and that mental health is a point of open conversation within our community, Peer Mentors will be trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction techniques in partnership with the Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic. Providing students with resources and tools to manage stress and engage in dialogue, will allow for a more enjoyable law school experience where students feel like their best selves.

Each first year small group section is paired with one Peer Mentor. Students will meet their mentor for the first time during orientation week. They will hold wellness and academic events, and be available to meet with students to answer questions and provide support through drop-in hours. Mindfulness techniques will be used to ground the mentor-mentee relationship and Peer Mentors will guide students towards available resources and services.

Peer Mentors are not counselors nor are they mindfulness teachers. Rather, they will use mindfulness techniques when aiding students in their transition to law school, and promote mental health and wellness in legal education. Wellness Mentors encourage a student community which fosters self-care both within law school and into the career of law.

Wellness Resources
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