Academic Accommodation

All requests for an exam deferral, assignment extension, or other accommodation must be directed to the Common Law Student Centre at (FTX237). Your request should include the Accommodation Request Form as well as supporting documentation. 

Circumstances that may warrant accommodation include but are not restricted to:

  • a permanent state of affairs (e.g., a disability, a permanent medical condition),
  • an ongoing situation (e.g., a personal crisis, pregnancy),
  • reasons related to equity concerns (e.g., religious belief, sole parenthood),
  • a one-time event or circumstance (e.g., a short-term illness, a medical emergency, a temporary injury, a day surgery), or
  • compassionate grounds (e.g., a death in the immediate family, a sick child or dependant).

Travel, employment, misreading the examination schedule, or failure to appropriately manage one’s time are NOT acceptable reasons for requesting accommodation.

The onus is on the student to provide the necessary supporting documentation to complement their request for accommodation.

Students who intend to request an exam deferral or assignment extension because of illness or other medical condition must consult a physician and obtain a medical certificate, and where possible, do so within twenty-four hours of the examination to be deferred or assignment deadline in question. Documentation may be submitted by e-mail or in person at the Common Law Student Centre, FTX 237.

Students may find it convenient to consult one of the physicians at the ByWard Family Health Team (ByWard FHT) currently located at 100 Marie-Curie (613-564-3950).

IMPORTANT: We recommend that all students familiarize themselves with the Academic Regulations around Deferral of Examination (Academic Regulation 7) and Extension of Deadline for Submitting a Written Assignment (Academic Regulation 13).

If circumstances are foreseen, every effort should be made to submit your request for an assignment extension or examination deferral by the 5th working day after the end of the add/drop period or the earliest opportunity thereafter.

Registering with the Academic Accommodations Service

Who should register?

Students who require in-class and/or exam accommodation related to a documented disability (chronic physical or mental health condition, learning disability, sensory impairment, etc.) are invited to register with the Academic Accommodations Service (formerly SASS - Academic Accommodations).

How can the Academic Accommodations Service help me?

The Academic Accommodations Service assesses, establishes, and implements appropriate academic accommodations for students who have a disability, while adhering to the University of Ottawa’s policies, procedures, and administrative regulations, as well as Human Rights legislation. They work collaboratively with our faculty to facilitate the academic accommodation process.

How do I register?

  1. Create your Ventus account.

  2. Complete the intake form.

  3. Enter your disability-related information and upload your documentation.

Details about registering with the Academic Accommodations Service and appropriate medical documentation are available here.

What happens after I become registered with the Academic Accommodations Service?

As part of the registration process, students will meet with a Learning Specialist to identify their individual needs, discuss appropriate strategies, and establish adaptive measures. This may consist of exam adaptive measures and other in-class or assignment-related adaptive measures. Once a student becomes registered with the Academic Accommodations Service, an email will be sent to the student's professors and to the Equity & Wellness Counsellor inviting them to log in to Ventus to view the confirmation of adaptive measures (CAM letter) so that any relevant adaptive measures can be implemented (unless they choose to opt-out). For information about ‘opting-out’, please contact the Academic Accommodations Service or your Learning Specialist directly. This collaboration between the Academic Accommodations Service and the faculty ensures that all of the student accommodation needs are met.

Professors have an obligation to protect student's confidential information and treat all students with dignity and respect, as per the Ontario Human Rights Code standards.

A student who receives exam accommodations through the Academic Accommodations Service will be accommodated to write their exams through that office with their appropriate adaptive measures.

Who should I contact if I have questions about registering with the Academic Accommodations Service?

You are invited to contact the Equity & Wellness Counsellor ( if you have any questions about the accommodation process.

You may also contact the Academic Accommodations Service directly:

55 Laurier Ave. East, 3rd floor, Room 3172 (Desmarais Hall)


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