National Program

Student responsability

When enrolling in a program at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, it is the responsibility of each student to:

Students are welcome to consult a member of the Common Law Student Centre for assistance with any of these issues.

Enrollment process

  • If, for very exceptional reasons, you will not have access to the internet during the enrollment period, you may submit a modification/cancellation of enrollment form by fax (613-562-5869), by email at, or in person (Fauteux Hall, room 237).
  • The Common Law Student Centre will not confirm receipt of your form or of your enrollment. Please check uoZone to confirm your enrollment. 
  • Enrollment in some courses (those requiring a selection process and Directed Research Projects requiring a professor’s approval) will not be possible online. Where this is the case, notice is given in the course description found in the course search engine. These courses must be added to your enrollment by the Common Law Student Centre.


  • Consult the degree requirements and course sequence  for your program to verify the mandatory and optional courses for which you should enroll in the upcoming year.
  • Please note that you are only responsible for enrolling to the option courses. The enrollment to the mandatory courses will automatically be processed by the Student Centre.
  • Use our course search engine  to view the full descriptions of courses offered in the upcoming year. You can filter your search based on a variety of criteria including class schedule, instructor, term and year of study.
  • Check the examination timetable . Ensure that the courses in which you enroll do not have exams scheduled simultaneously. No accommodation is provided for exam timetable conflicts and it is each student's responsibility to ensure they do not have any exams scheduled simultaneously.  


  • Log into uoZone and, under Applications, click Student Center. Under Academics, click on Enroll.


  • Your timetable is only available via the Student Centre function. You can access it by logging into your uoZone account and, under Applications, click Student Centre.


  • You can access your online statement of account on your Student Centre, which is located under Applications in your uoZone account.  

Specific program registration instructions

This is a bilingual program and students are required to take their mandatory courses in either French or English. Course offerings are determined by the Faculty each year.  The language of instruction for mandatory courses can vary. For the 2018/2019 academic year, the mandatory course codes are:

Fall term:

CML4341N Contracts

CML4342N Torts

CML4347N Property

CML4544N Procédure civile I

CML4546N Études en common law et équité

January Term:

1 Elective course during the January term.

Winter term:

CML4545N La responsabilité professionnelle et les enjeux de la pratique de droit

3 Elective courses during the Winter term.


Common law elective courses may be taken in either French or English.


Please note that the enrollment for mandatory courses will be done by the Common Law Student Centre prior to the start of the official enrollment period on June 21, 2018. Once enrolled in these mandatory courses, you will not be able to withdraw on uoZone, it will be necessary to contact the Common Law Student Centre. However, it is your responsibility to proceed with the enrollment of your elective courses (in the winter term only - including the January intensive term).

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