First year French JD programs

Student responsability

You are invited to consult this information on a regular basis as course information may be subject to change. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

When enrolling in a program at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, it is the responsibility of each student to:

Students are welcome to consult a member of the Common Law Student Centre for assistance with any of these issues.

Enrollment process



Enrollment for first-year courses is available online however, these are general provisions. Please be sure to carefully read the information relevant to your program. First-year students have a set curriculum and require block enrollment – meaning that you enroll in a block of pre-determined courses.

If, for very exceptional reasons, you will not have access to the internet during the enrollment period, you may submit a modification/cancellation of enrollment form by fax (613-562-5869), email at, or in person (Fauteux Hall, room 237). Please indicate, in order of preference, at least 3 block selections.

What is a small group and block enrollment?

All first year students take one of their substantive law courses in a small group format. The small group format ensures that all students have the opportunity to get to know their colleagues well, to participate in meaningful classroom discussion and to enjoy continuous feedback from the professor.

  • Small group: class size of approximately 18-25 students 
  • Large group: class size of approximately 75-80 students

You must enroll to one of the following groups:

  • Small group CML1607 A, Délits Civils
  • Small group CML1607 B, Délits Civils
  • Small group CML1607 C, Délits Civils
  • Small group CML1701 A, Délits et responsabilité extracontractuelle  (Mandatory for PDC students only)
Bloc Number Program Small Group
17 French JD program CML16071 A - Délits civils
18 French JD program CML16071 B - Délits civils
19 French JD program CML16071 C - Délits civils
20 Programme de droit canadien CML17011 - Délits et responsabilité extracontractuelle
21 Combined program JD/Pol.Sc. CML16071 A - Délits civils
22 Combined program JD/Pol.Sc. CML16071 B - Délits civils
23 Combined program JD/Pol.Sc. CML16071 C - Délits civils
24 Combined program JD/B.Com. CML16071 A - Délits civils
25 Combined program JD/B.Com. CML16071 B - Délits civils
26 Combined program JD/B.Com. CML16071 C - Délits civils

Enrollment to CML1611 - Compétences et habiletés juridiques

Enrollment to CML1611 in mandatory, you may however, choose between sections A, B or C. You can find the course descriptions as well as the timetables through our course search engine by filtering by class code: CML1611

Enrollment steps



  • Log into uoZone and, under Applications, click Student Center. Under Academics, click on Enroll.  You will only be registering to the small group course associated to your block and one section of CML 1611.  Once enrolled to the small group course, the Common Law Student Centre will proceed with the enrollment of the rest of your block. 
  • You are guaranteed enrollment to the rest of the block once enrolled to the small group course.


  • Your timetable is only available via the Personalized Timetable function. You can access it by logging into your uoZone account. Please note that the complete timetable will be available within 7 working days of the initial enrollment to a small group course. 


  • You can access your online statement of account on your Student Centre, which is located under Applications in your uoZone account. 

Block Enrollment Modification Period

Please note that in submitting a modification request, there is risk involved. The Common Law Student Centre must cancel the original block before substituting it for another. This means that you may not be able to return to your original block should we be unable to accommodate your modification request or if the requested block becomes full prior to the Common Law Student Centre completing the enrollment.

It is in your best interest to verify the availability of the block which you are requesting prior to submitting your form..

Please refer to important dates and deadlines for the deadline to submit your modification request.

To request a modification, please submit the Modification/Cancellation of Enrollment form via email to: or by fax: 613-562-5869. Please note that all requests must be submitted in writing and will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Specific program registration instructions

Programme de Droit Canadien

  • Enrollment to small group CML 1701 is mandatory for PDC students.
  • You must also register to CML 1611 A, B or C.

French JD / MA 

  • Students registered in the French JD/MA program must enroll to a French small group course. Students in the French program will be enrolling to CML 3531 - Droit international public in 2nd year of their program.

French JD / Baccalauréat spécialisé approfondi en science politique

  • Students registered in this program must enroll to a French small group course.
  • You must also enroll to POL3502.

All questions related to the enrollment of Political Science (POL) courses must be addressed to the Faculty of Social Science at:

French JD / Baccalauréat en sciences commerciales

  • Students registered in this program must enroll to a French small group course.
  • You must also enroll to ADM 3701 (Prerequisite: ADM 2702, ADM 2704) or ADM 3718 (Prerequisite: ADM 2720)

All questions related to the enrollment of Bachelor of Commerce (ADM) courses must be addressed to Allan Charbonneau at the Telfer School of Management at: 

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