Option Requirements

The Option requirements are as follows:

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 18 units in public law, including:
    1. a course in Aboriginal law (3 units);
    2. an applied course in public law (3 units); and
    3. an additional twelve units in public law drawn from an approved list of courses available on the Option website.

    Please note that students must complete 18 units in addition to the 12 mandatory units in public law in which all JD students are required to enroll: CML 1104 Public Law and Legislation; CML 1213 Constitutional Law I; CML 2312 Administrative Law; and CML 2313 Constitutional Law II.  

  2. Students must complete their major paper in either an approved public law course (see the list on the Option’s web site) or in a directed research course on public law.
  3. Students must receive a minimum overall average of 6.0 in their Option courses. This average is calculated by using the results of the courses described in 1(a) and (b) and in the best optional courses.
  4. Students who complete the Option in French must complete the courses described in 1(a) and (b) in French.
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