Registering for the Option

Once you have completed your first year of studies, you may take the courses required to satisfy the Option Requirements, including the major paper in an approved International Law Option course.  It is wise to consult early with the Option Coordinator, if you have any questions about the requirements for the Option.  

What should you do if you wish to enroll for a course, a Directed Research course, a self-directed internship or a course on an exchange program that is not listed?  You must provide the Option Co-ordinator with relevant information about the course before you enroll for it.  The Co-ordinator will review that information and decide if the course meets the criteria for the Option.

There are no reserved spaces or priority in approved Option courses or internships for students wishing to obtain recognition for the Option.   A student may complete more than one Option.  The credits for a course which is an approved course for more than one Option will be counted only once and cannot be cumulated from one Option to the other.  A student registered in more than one Option must complete the major paper for each Option chosen.

If you successfully complete the Option requirements, a notation will be placed on your transcript.

Registering for the Option in International Law once you have completed the requirements

  1. JD students who wish to receive formal recognition of an Option in International Law must complete 18 units in the field of internationallaw. (See requirements)
  2. Once the required units have been achieved, students should obtain the registration form.
  3. Students must complete the form to identify which qualifying courses they have completed and to identify their Major Paper.
  4. The form must then be signed by the Option in International law Coordinator and returned to the Common Law Student Centre for processing.
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