Option Requirements

The International Law Option requirements are as follows:

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 18 units in international law, including:
    • compulsory course (3 units) in public international law: English Common Law students must take either CML3131 Public International Law or CML1109 First Year Thematic: Public International Law, French Common Law students must take CML3531 Droit international public; and
  2. Students must complete a major paper in the area of concentration either in an approved Option course or in a Directed Research course approved in advance by the Option Coordinator.  If completed as part of an approved International Law Option course, the paper must be worth at least 50% of the final grade for the course.  A major paper completed through a Directed Research course must be on a topic approved by the Option Coordinator, and be assigned the code CML 3251 or (4 units) or CML3351 Legal Research and Writing (3 units). 
  3. Students must receive a minimum, overall grade point average of 6.0 in the Option. 
  4. Option courses may be completed in either English or French. However, students registered in the French Common Law Program must complete the compulsory course and the major paper in French in conformity with the Common Law Section’s regulations.  The Common Law Section regulation requiring students registered in the French Common Law Program to successfully complete 75% of their units in second and third year in French is not modified in any way by a student’s choice to register in an Option. 
  5. Students may fulfill the oral advocacy requirement of the JD by participating in one of the Faculty of Law’s international law moot court competitions.  The following is a list of international law moot competitions:
    • CML3120WP ICC Mediation Competition – International Mediation Advocacy Competition
    • CML3120FA FDI – Foreign Direct Investment Moot
    • CML3128 Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
    • CML3139W WTO/ELSA WTO Law Moot
    • CML3142 Oxford Intellectual Property Law Moot
    • CML3514 Concours Charles-Rousseau (Droit international public)
    • CML3518 Concours Jean-Pictet
    • CML3922 Tribunal-école international Philip C. Jessup/Philip C. Jessup International Moot (Public International law) 
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