Option in International Law

The University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law (Common Law Section) offers an International Law Option for students enrolled in the JD program.  Our Faculty is home to a large, full-time, nationally and globally recognized group of scholars with experience in all fields of international law.  We offer an extensive program of courses in international law and many of our graduates go on to work as lawyers in international organizations, governments, law firms, businesses and NGOs.

The Option allows students to develop a comprehensive understanding of public international law; to explore several specialized fields of international law, including international human rights and security, trade and investment, criminal, environmental, intellectual property, immigration and refugee, and business law; and to gain practical experience in the field through clinics, moots, and internships. 

If you are an upper year student and you are interested in graduating with the Option, please contact the Option Coordinator if you have any questions.

Option Coordinators:

Professor Pacifique Manirakiza (Pacifique.Manirakiza@uOttawa.ca) or Professor Anthony VanDuzer (Anthony.VanDuzer@uottawa.ca).

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