Option Requirements

*N.B. You must be enrolled in the JD program in order to qualify.

Any enrolled JD student may take a course that is recognized for the Option in Health Law. However, JD students who wish to receive formal recognition for having completed the Option in Health Law, which consists of a notation on their transcript, must complete the following requirements:

  1. complete a minimum of 18 credits in the area of Health Law:
  • a compulsory course (3 credits);
  • 15 credits in optional courses in Health Law offered by the Common Law Section or the Civil Law Section;
  1. complete a major paper [mandatory for all students enrolled in the JD program] in an approved Option in Health Law course or a directed research course approved for the Option. The topic of the paper completed in a directed research course must be approved by the Option Coordinator. The course codes are CML 3351 (3 credits) and CML 3251 (4 credits) for directed research courses in English, and CML 3751 (3 credits) et CML 3651 (4 credits) for directed research courses in French;
  2. obtain a minimum overall average of 6.0 in the Option in Health Law courses.
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