Registering for the Option

IMPORTANT: You must be currently registered in the University of Ottawa Faculty of Law JD program in order to register for the Environmental Law Option.

Do I register for the Environmental Law Option before I have completed all the requirements?

No. There is no special procedure to register for the Environmental Law Option during the regular annual admission process. Once they have completed their first year of legal studies, law students may take the compulsory and optional courses required to satisfy the requirements of the Environmental Law Option, including a Major Paper in an approved course. Once the requirements have been met, students should follow the procedure below.

Registering for the Environmental Law Option once you have completed the requirements

  1. JD students who wish to receive formal recognition of an Option in Environmental Law must complete 18 units in the field of environmental law. (See requirements).
  2. Once the required units have been achieved, students should obtain the registration form.
  3. Students must complete the form to identify which qualifying courses they have completed and to identify their Major Paper.
  4. The form must then be signed by the Environmental Law Option Coordinator, and returned to the Common Law Student Centre for processing.
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