Please view the following video, in addition to the information on this webpage, for information about the academic year 2021-2022's moot:

We have every intention of running our world-class mooting program again for 2020-21, but at this time we wait to hear from different moot competitions to know if they intend to hold an in-person moot. We will continue to update this page as information is made available to us.

Participating in a competitive moot can be one of the most rewarding experiences at law school.  The Common Law Section offers a wide selection of moots covering different subject areas.  While most moots test appellate advocacy skills, others require participants to demonstrate their abilities in trial, arbitration or other settings.  

The moots in the upcoming 2021-2022  academic year are selected from the following list and will be announced during the moot information session. Budgetary restraints means we may not participate in all of the listed moots every year: content is subject to change


  • CML3165J  - Arnup Cup (Criminal law – Leading to Sopinka)
  • CML3120J3 - Walsh Family Law Moot (Profs. Bakht and Gruben to send information in Fall)
  • CML3120J4 - Julius Alexander Isaac Diversity Moot
  • CML3120J5 - BowmanTax Moot
  • CML3140J  - Canadian Corporate/Securities Competition (postponed for 2020-21)
  • CML 3520 - Competition Law Moot (postponed for 2020-21)
  • CML3923J - Coupe Laskin/Laskin Moot (Constitutional/Administrative law)
  • CML3120FA - Foreign Direct Investment Moot
  • CML3120WP - ICC Mediation Competition - International Mediation Advocacy Competition
  • CML3120J200 - ICC Criminal Law Moot
  • CML3125J  - National Aboriginal Law Moot: Kawaskimhon "Speaking With Knowledge"
  • CML3142J2 - Harold G. Fox Intellectual Property Moot
  • CML 3142W3 - Intellectual Property Advocacy: Copyright Policy-making Moot (postponed for 2020-21)
  • CML3142F100 - Oxford International Intellectual Property
  • CML3922J  - Tribunal-école international Philip C. Jessup/Philip C. Jessup International Moot (Public International law)
  • CML3119D - Walsh Negotiation Competition in Family Law (Prof. Rockman to send information in Fall)
  • CML3128W - Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
  • CML3132J - Willms & Shier Environmental Law Moot (postponed for 2020-21)
  • CML3127J  - Wilson Moot Competition (Equality s. 15)
  • CML3139J - WTO/ELSA WTO Law Moot


  • CML3514J - Concours Charles-Rousseau (Droit international public)
  • CML3515J - Coupe Guy-Guérin (Droit pénal (Arnup, mais en français) – conduisant à Sopinka
  • CML3520 HA - Concours Michel Bastarache (Droits linguistiques)
  • CML3520 - Droit de la Concurrence
  • CML3524J - Tribunal-école Moncton-Ottawa (Droit privé)

Other Mooting opportunities:

Summer 2021-Fall 2021 - FDI Moot

If Foreign Direct Investment interests you, and you’re ready to study this summer, then throw in your hat to try out for uOttawa’s highly successful FDI Moot Team! For the ninth time, uOttawa will participate in the Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot (FDI Moot). Please note that this year’s team will participate virtually, thus no travel to the FDI Moot.

Pour une neuvième année, la Faculté de droit de l'Université d'Ottawa participera au concours international de plaidoirie Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot (FDI Moot).  Ce concours rassemble des équipes de partout à travers le monde et la finale globale se déroulera (si possible) à Séoul en Corée du Sud du 31 octobre au 3 novembre 2021. Il est déjà prévu que les équipes puissent participer de manière virtuelle et c'est l'approche adoptée par notre Faculté.

Nous sommes actuellement à la recherche d'étudiant.e.s intéressé.e.s à faire partie de l'équipe conjointe de droit civil et de Common Law de la Faculté, qui sera supervisée par des coachs provenant des deux sections.

The FDI Moot takes place in English, so students are expected to be fluent in this language.

We will hold tryouts March 25, 2021. You’ll find a sign up (doodle) link below.

To prepare for the interview/tryout, please read the linked moot problem and prepare a 5-minute argument for either the investor (Atton Boro) or the state (Mercuria) (your choice) regarding whether Mercuria has violated the Atton Boro's legitimate expectations and so has breached Mercuria's fair and equitable treatment obligation in the bilateral investment treaty between Basheera and Mercuria. Included in a separate link is a short reference piece on fair and equitable treatment, which we will assume you will have read. You do not need to do further research beyond reviewing the relevant parts of the problem and the extract on legitimate expectations. Following your presentation (which may include questions), we will also ask you some further questions regarding your background for the moot.

link to the problem:

link to FET extract:


-Be interested in International Investment Law and International Arbitration (students who have taken relevant classes are strongly encouraged to apply). Having taken a Public International Law course (or equivalent) is a plus.

-Be in good academic standing

-Be available to perform most of the research in the Summer (since the Memorials are due September 2021)

-Be available for team meetings during the Summer (maybe once or twice a month as required)

-Be fluent in English (which is the language of the Moot)

-Be a full-time student in Civil Law, Common Law (incl. National Program) or PDC in the Fall of 2021 (students receive credit for the moot in the Fall semester.

Sign up link:

Merci de votre intérêt pour ce concours!

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