*N.B. You must be enrolled in the JD program in order to qualify.

Any enrolled JD student may take a course listed as a Dispute Resolution & Professionalism option course. However, JD students who wish to receive formal recognition for having completed the Dispute Resolution & Professionalism, which consists of a notation on their transcript, must complete the following requirements:

    1. complete compulsory courses (9 units); and 
    2. complete optional courses (9 units) chosen from among courses in either the English Common Law Section or the French Common Law Section (for a list, see below); and
    3. complete a major paper in an approved Dispute Resolution & Professionalism course or an approved Dispute Resolution & Professionalism directed research course. If completed as part of an approved Dispute Resolution & Professionalism course, the paper must be worth at least 50% of the final grade for the course. A major paper completed through a Directed Research course must be on a topic approved by the Coordinator of the Dispute Resolution & Professionalism Option, and be assigned the code CML3251 (4 units) or CML3351 (3 units).
    4. obtain a minimum overall average of 6.0 in the Dispute Resolution & Professionalism Option courses.

      As well, students may choose to participate in a moot or a competition in an area related to Dispute Resolution & Professionalism. The following is a list of competitions in the area of Dispute Resolution & Professionalism. Please note that not all Dispute Resolution & Professionalism competitions qualify as independent courses:

      • ABA Client Counseling Competition (open to students registered in CML3313 Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation)
      • ABA National Negotiation Competition (open only to the winning team of the FMC Negotiation Competition)
      • Canadian National Mediation Advocacy Competition
      • ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law (WTO Dispute Settlement System)
      • Fraser Milner Casgrain Negotiation Competition
      • Hicks Morley Labour ArbitrationCompetition
      • International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) International Commercial Mediation Competition (ICC Amicable Dispute Resolution)
      • International Law School Mediation Tournament
      • Kawaskimhon Law Moot 
      • Richard Weiler Competition on Effective lawyer-client relations and team work in mediation (open only to students registered in CML4202 Dispute Resolution and Professional Responsibility Practicum)
      • Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot 

      What do I do if a course I have taken/want to take is not listed?

      Ask the instructor of the course to contact the Coordinator of the Dispute Resolution & Professionalism Option at The Coordinator will review the course syllabus and decide if the course meets the criteria for a Dispute Resolution & Professionalism course.

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