Student Testimonials

I really enjoyed my experience in the Programme de droit canadien. I originally chose this program to develop an understanding of the different international law systems and to master not only the Canadian common law but also the Quebec civil law. I believe I have become a better lawyer with a significant degree of proficiency and knowledge of the legal methods of common law and civil law. I loved being trained jointly by both Sections. 
Pierre-Arnaud Barry-Camu – Clerk Supreme Court of Canada – Class of 2014

I highly recommend the Programme de droit canadien at the University of Ottawa to anyone who wishes to acquire an overview of the Canadian legal system. Having the opportunity to study and be trained in both Canadian legal systems, in French and English, is a unique opportunity. This bijuridical training is a constant help to me in my work and allows me to have a very different perspective than if I had studied only one or the other of the two legal systems. 
Jamil-Daniel Beauchamp-Dupont – Norton Rose Fulbright Intern – Class of 2014

The Programme de droit canadien has been for me an unforgettable experience. I had the opportunity to study and compare the two legal traditions in Canada, and in both official languages. This bilingual and bijuridical training allowed me to gain unique skills. This is a program that seeks to bridge the gap between the two sections of the Faculty and open doors internationally in this era of globalization. 
Amelia B. Lavigne - Class of 2015

Having a great desire to get into the field of international law, I was looking for a program that would provide me with opportunities to develop myself and open myself to the world. The intensive training offered by the PDC showcases the French-Canadian experience, the two official languages of Canada and the two most important legal systems internationally. Consequently, my bilingual and bijuridical education at the University of Ottawa has allowed me to do law internships at the Parliament of Canada, the Canadian Embassy in Costa Rica and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada. I was also able to embark in an academic exchange in Spain and I got a job as an intern at a law firm that practices law on a worldwide basis.
Stéphane Erickson - Class of 2015

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