Canadian-American Dual JD Program

The University of Ottawa offers a unique four-year dual credential program that allows participants to obtain both the Canadian and the American law degrees.  This program is offered jointly by the University of Ottawa and our partner schools in the U.S. 

Participants spend two years at Ottawa and two years at one of two U.S. law schools: Michigan State University College of Law in East Lansing, Michigan or American University (Washington College of Law) in Washington D.C. 

This is the only program in Canada that allows the students to obtain a U.S. law degree while paying tuition at regular Canadian law student rates during the entire program.  Upon completion, students obtain a law degree from each law school, which opens the door to the full practice of law in the U.S. and Canada. 

This program option is available to students who are already enrolled in the Faculty of Common Law, and will not be listed as an OLSAS program selection.

The UOttawa JD part of the Dual JD program is also offered in French via the French Common Law Program.


My Dual JD experience with the University of Ottawa and Michigan State University College of Law was very much a positive one. In addition to receiving excellent legal educations at both institutions, I was also afforded an opportunity to experience, firsthand, the cultural differences between Canada and the United States and observe the impact that these differences have had on the evolution of the law in each country. This led to a further appreciation of the law, which I believe has contributed to my confidence as a lawyer.

Even more importantly, I was able to meet an incredible array of professors, peers, and friends along the way! 

Taylor Cawley

Canadian-American Dual JD Program, 2018

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