Pro Bono - Testimonials

Students are a great help to our organization. They add so much value to our work and our member's goals. We are grateful for their help!

          -     Ottawa ACORN, Partner Organization


The ACORN Property Standards project has proven quite successful in assisting tenants within the Ottawa region with their landlord-tenant disputes, as the current by-laws lack enforceability and clarity. The project consisted of a program proposal, tenant interviews, and by-law review. The volunteers assisted in the development of a Multi-Residential Rental Building Licensing program proposal that is currently being considered by Ottawa City Council. This program will assist in establishing clearly outlined requirements that rental properties will need to comply with, thus assisting tenants in future disputes.

          -     Stephanie Dragoman, PBSC student


Since 2014, the Therapeutic riding association of Ottawa-Carleton (TROtt) has the privilege of working with students from the PBSC program at the University of Ottawa. Every year, a law student works on specific legal research projects for our non-for-profit organization. This has saved us time and money. In our experience, the PBSC students have excellent legal skills, are organized, can work independently, and are able to effectively complete projects with complex legal issues in a timely manner. TROtt is proud to be partnering with the PBSC program at the University of Ottawa.

          -     Therapeutic Riding Association of Ottawa-Carleton, Partner Organization

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