Orientation 2019

Welcome to the Common Law Program at the University of Ottawa

Dear Incoming 1Ls,

Congratulations and welcome to the English Common Law Program at the University of Ottawa!

We look forward to meeting you on Tuesday, September 3, 2019. We have developed an exciting academic orientation that will prepare you for success in your first year of law school. 

Please note that orientation activities are mandatory for all incoming first-year students. These days give you the chance to obtain important academic and administrative information, and also offer you an excellent opportunity to meet the faculty, the staff and your new colleagues.

The English Common Law Program orientation schedule is available here.

Please contact the Director of the First Year Program, Jamie Liew (Jamie.Liew@uOttawa.ca), with any orientation-related questions.

In the meantime, check out this outstanding series of podcasts prepared by our colleague, Professor Forcese, which will be a big help to you in getting ready for legal study. We encourage you to find time to listen to these podcasts before September!

We look forward to welcoming you into our vibrant, diverse and inclusive community.

Professor Jamie Chai Yun Liew, Director of the First Year Program
Professor Rosemary Cairns-Way, Orientation Coordinator

Orientation Materials

English Program Orientation Schedule (Upcoming mid-August)

Campus Map

Orientation podcasts, featuring Craig Forcese and friends

Virtual tour of Ottawa legal landmarks

Brian Dickson Law Library Services


Important Dates
Happening in the Law School
Services for Students
Orientation Faculty

Director, First Year Program:

Jamie Chai Yun Liew


Orientation Coordinator:

Rosemary Cairns-Way

Links to Cool Stuff

What to Read Before Starting Law School, by Adam Dodek

How Canadians Govern Themselves, by Eugene Forsey

Supreme Court of Canada Website


Check out the Law Faculty’s Tweeters and Bloggers!


Professor Wolfgang Alschner: @w_alschner

Professor Amir Attaran: @profamirattaran

Professor Jennifer Bond: @bondjk

Professor Suzanne Bouclin: @sbouclin

Professor Angela Cameron: @blogforequality

Professor Jennifer Chandler: @jnfrchandler

Professor Y.Y. Brandon Chen: @YYBrandonChen

Professor Lynda Collins: @LcollinsCollins

Professor Anthony Daimsis: @Daimsis

Professor Jeremy de Beer: @jdebeer

Dean Adam Dodek: @ADodek

Professor Colleen Flood: @ColleenFlood2

Professor Craig Forcese: @cforcese

Professor Michael Geist: @mgeist

Professor Daphne Gilbert: @PyjamasandTea

Professor Ian Kerr: @ianrkerr

Professor Kyle Kirkup: @kylekirkup

Professor François Larocque: @FJLarocque

Anne Levesque @anneslevesque

Professor Jamie Liew: @thechaiyun

Professor Vanessa MacDonnell: @vanessa_macd

Professor Florian Martin-Bariteau: @f_mb

Professor Carissima Mathen: @cmathen

Professor Graham Mayeda: @Graham_Mayeda

Professor Jena McGill: @JenaMcGill

Professor Errol Mendes: @3mendous

Professor Chidi Oguamamnam: @Chidi_Oguamanam

Professor Michael Pal: @mikepalcanada

Professor Marina Pavlović: @pavLAWich

Professor Amy Salyzyn: @AmySalyzyn

Professor Joanne St. Lewis: @firing_control

Professor Joao Velloso: @VellosoJGV

Professor David Wiseman: @dwwiseman


Faculty Blogs and Websites:


Professors Angela Cameron, Jena McGill & Vanessa MacDonnell 

Professor Jennifer Chandler 

Professor Y.Y. Brandon Chen 

Professor Jeremy de Beer

Professor Adam Dodek

Professor Craig Forcese

Professor Michael Geist

Professor Ian Kerr

Professor Kyle Kirkup

Professor Carissima Mathen

Professor Chidi Oguamanam

Professor Teresa Scassa

Professors Adam Dodek, Amy Salyzyn and others blog regularly at www.slaw.ca

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