Conferences with Writing Leaders

Writing Conferences with Legal Writing Academy Writing Leaders

Looking For Ways To Become Your Own Best Editor?

Want Strategies To Recognize Your Strengths And Make Good Writing Choices?

Need Advice On Clarity And Structure?

Want To Become A Skilled And Critical Reader Of Your Own Work?

Sign up on our Legal Writing Conference Calendar for an individual 45-minute writing conference with a Writing Leader.  LWA Writing Leaders are upper-year law students with strong legal writing and analysis skills, trained to help other students become better writers.  Bring a completed assignment or a work-in-progress to the conference.

Conferences begin in October. 

Here is the link to the Legal Writing Conference Calendar.  

Sign up instructions are on the calendar. When you sign up, you will be asked for your name and email address. Your name and contact email will not appear on the public sign-up calendar.  Only the writing leader and he Legal Writing Academy administrators will have your personal information. 

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