Admissions Scholarships - English JD Program

The Faculty of Law, Common Law Section has many admission scholarships that are exclusively offered to prospective Common Law students. Most admission scholarships and bursaries for the English JD program have an application deadline, please consult the Important dates.

Some admission scholarships are awarded on a financial need basis and/or merit based or other criteria. There are three categories of admission scholarships:

  1. Admission Scholarships – English JD Program (consult the application deadline)
  2. Admission Scholarships – Specific Application (deadline: ongoing)
  3. Admission Scholarships – No Application (deadline: no deadline)

If you are offered an admission scholarship you will be notified by the Faculty. 

Admission Scholarships – English JD Program   

To be considered for the scholarships listed below, you must complete a single application for the following bursary: “Admission Bursary – English JD Program (99950)”.

All application are available online in Online Scholarships and Bursaries, in your uoZone account under the Applications tab.

Admissions Scholarships – Specific Application

To be considered for the scholarships listed below, you must complete a tailored application for each scholarship under Online Scholarships and Bursaries, on your uoZone account under the Applications tab.

Admission Scholarships – No Application

The following admission scholarships do not require an application.  All eligible prospective Common Law students will be considered. 

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