Welcome to the Career and Professional Development Centre 

The staff at the Career and Professional Development Centre (CPDC) is committed to the academic and professional success of all students at the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section. Part of our role consists of fostering strong relationships with employers in the legal community in order to ensure that our students secure rewarding and meaningful opportunities throughout their studies, as well as beyond and upon graduation.

To ensure the quality of our services and to assist students at the Faculty of Law, the CPDC has established recruiting policies. Our policies are intended to provide a framework for the professional relationships between employers, students, third party recruiters, and career educators.

The University of Ottawa and the Faculty of Law are committed to maintaining a learning and work environment that promotes the understanding and respect for dignity of the person as part of the University community and one that is free from harassment and discrimination.

How to Post a Job

Important Job Posting Policies

All employers that post job opportunities with the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section agree to provide a work place that is free of discrimination in compliance with all provincial and federal Human Rights Legislation, and provincial law society professional standards, codes of conduct and recruitment procedures. All employers also agree to comply with our Recruiting Policies where applicable.

The CPDC will not post articling opportunities that are unpaid, whether they are with for-profit or not-for-profit organizations.

Employers who wish to post a paid summer of articling opportunity must be in a position to offer at least the provincial minimum wage.

We reserve the right in our sole discretion to restrict, remove or refuse to post any job posting without notice that we feel is inappropriate for our students and/or alumni.

We will not post any job opportunity or otherwise circulate employment information where a non-lawyer is seeking a student to perform legal research or engage in any activities that could potentially be construed as providing legal advice.

Posting a Job for Common Law Students & Alumni

If you have a work opportunity for students or alumni that you would like to advertise in the uOttawa common law jobs database, please click here to fill out the Job Posting form.  Download the form and send it by email to uOttawaLaw.CareerServices@uOttawa.ca. Alternatively, you may choose to e-mail or fax an existing job posting to uOttawaLaw.CareerServices@uOttawa.ca or by Fax at 613-562-5875 respectively, but please ensure it contains the following information:

  1. The application deadline (required).
  2. Who the position is intended for: 1st year students and/or 2nd year students, Articling students or Alumni.
  3. Which of the following application materials are required.  The standard documents are: CV, cover letter and photocopy of official transcripts; some employers also require reference names; reference letters and/or writing samples.  Please specify.
  4. How you are willing to receive applications (mail, e-mail, fax) and applicable contact information for each acceptable option.
  5. The contact person to whom students should apply.
  6. The number of positions available (if more than one).
  7. A description of the position and any required qualifications.
  8. Any other information available that you would like to include, i.e. Start date, salary information, etc…

Summer Jobs 

You may choose to participate in formal summer recruitment processes which take place at various times during the academic year (beginning as early as August and as late as February) depending on the city in which you are located and the regulations set out by the Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) or the governing body in your jurisdiction. 

The Career and Professional Development team at the University of Ottawa, and Career Development Offices at law schools across Canada coordinate the recruitment needs of Canadian law firms and share information among law schools.  The University of Ottawa, takes the lead on the Ottawa summer recruitment process and the specialized summer intellectual property recruitment process in Ottawa and shares this information with law schools in common law jurisdictions across Canada. If you haven’t participated in the Ottawa summer recruitment or intellectual property recruitment process in the past, but are interested in participating, please contact us.

Employers are not required to participate in a summer recruitment process in order to post summer positions.  If you are unable to predict your recruitment needs in order to meet the timelines associated with the organized summer recruitment processes or are located in a region that does not have set procedures, we will post summer positions for you at any time that is convenient for you.  Just refer to the instructions above in the “How to Post a Job” section.

Articling Positions

A process similar to summer recruitment is used for articling recruitment.  Typically, many firms in Ontario will set deadlines (for articling positions which will start the following year) according to the Law Society of Upper Canada’s (LSUC) guidelines.  These processes begin in early May and continue through July depending on the geographic location of the employer.  Since many of our students are from out of town or province or have an interest in relocating, we post articling positions for cities all across Canada.  The governing bodies of each jurisdiction will provide procedures and timelines for larger city centres.  If you are unable to specify your recruitment needs in order to meet the timelines associated with the formal articling recruitment processes or are located in a region that does not have set procedures, you can send us your articling postings at any time and we will post them for you. 

There are many benefits associated with taking on an articling student. If you don’t think you are able to accommodate a student full time please remember that many students are interested in joint articles in which they are able to split their time between two different types of legal employers.  Part-time articles are also an option. For more details on the articling recruitment process in Ontario, please consult the articling recruitment procedures set out by the LSU

Resume Book

The Resume Book is a collection of resumes belonging to University of Ottawa Common Law students who are eligible to begin articles in the upcoming articling cycle. Each resume is accompanied by a one page Profile, which contains a brief personal statement and lists the student’s preferred areas of legal practice and preferred geographic practice locations.

Some employers who chose not participate in the regulated articling recruitment processes are still looking to hire an articling student(s). The Resume Book gives employers direct access to a pool of available students, in a convenient and easy to navigate document.

To request access to the Resume Book, please send an email to at uOttawaLaw.CareerServices@uOttawa.ca The most current Resume Book will be generated and sent to you at that time.



What is the University of Ottawa’s Grading Policy?
In order to view our grading policy and our grading system, please see rule 17 in the academic regulations.

How do I get to Campus?
The law school is located at 57 Louis-Pasteur Pvt, Ottawa ON. in room 233 of Fauteux Hall.  International and National flights fly into the Ottawa McDonald Cartier International Airport.  Travelers with shorter distances may opt for travel by train with VIA rail.  From the airport or train station the easiest way to get to campus is by taxi or by OC Transpo bus.  Here is a link to our campus map (printable PDF version of the map also available).

How do I contact a student group?
If you are planning an event which involves one of our student groups, you can get in touch with the Common Law Students Society (CLSS).

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