Mature Applicants

In order to qualify as a mature student, at the time of application:

  • the applicant must have five or more years of work or other non-academic experience since completing secondary school studies; and
  • the period of non-academic experience may include part-time, but not full time, post-secondary studies.

In this category, additional consideration will be given to previous career and/or life experiences. While Mature applicants are eligible to apply without any previous undergraduate study, the academic program in law school is very demanding, so we are looking for evidence of ability to succeed academically. This usually includes satisfactory completion of at least some courses at the university level.

In addition to all the documents listed on our How to Apply page, Mature applicants must also submit to OLSAS an up-to-date résumé or curriculum vitae. Applicants must submit their curriculum vitae or resume via the SAM page in their OLSAS application.

If you are unable to obtain a letter of reference from an academic source, please choose referees who are able to speak to your abilities as they relate to law school, namely your ability to analyse, write, conduct research, work in groups, and organize your time.

Applicants in this category must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

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