Indigenous Applicants

Persons of Indigenous ancestry, First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples may apply as either General or Specific category applicants. As Specific category applicants, persons of Indigenous ancestry who meet the Mature category requirements may apply under both the Mature and Indigenous categories.

The personal statement should discuss work, personal and community experiences, and other factors relevant to the application.

In your statement it is important that you explain the degree to which you identify with your Indigenous community. There should be some indication given, if appropriate, of the extent to which you were involved in your Indigenous community.

Indigenous ancestry and membership may be indicative of identity and can act as good proxies for culture and colonial experience, but there must be some evidence of a connection to Indigenous culture and/or family impact of colonization in your personal statement. Proof of Indigenous ancestry and membership is required but can take a number of forms, such as evidence of a connection to, and membership in, an Indigenous community.

You must submit these items:

  • an up-to-date resumé or curriculum vitae along with your personal statement in the Indigenous category;
  • 2 letters of reference, at least 1 of which should be from an academic source and the other a non-academic letter supporting your connection to the Indigenous community; and
  • proof of Indigenous ancestry or membership.

Please ensure that OLSAS receives all of your postsecondary transcripts.

The Admissions Committee may admit you in the Indigenous category unconditionally or subject to successfully completing the Program of Legal Studies for Native People. It is therefore crucial that you submit a complete file as quickly as possible so the Admissions Committee can make its decision in time for you to begin the Native Law Centre Program in Saskatchewan in May.

Please note that files are not assessed until they are complete and all required documents have been provided by the applicant.The University of Ottawa holds the right to cancel all incomplete files after august 15. 

See Important dates for application deadlines.

Late applications are occasionally permitted, with special permission, in this category only. For information, please contact the Admissions Office at

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