General Applicants

The General Category is to be used by all applicants into the first year of the JD program (or one of the joint programs) unless they feel they qualify to apply in one of the discretionary categories listed on this website.

Undergraduate academic performance is a significant numerical factor in the evaluation process. Most successful applicants have at least an A- or 80% average overall (CGPA).

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is mandatory for all applicants. The University of Ottawa does not set a minimum required score for the LSAT.  However, your LSAT results and writing sample are elements which will be considered by the Admissions Committee.  The weight given to the LSAT will vary according to the other elements of your application. Only the highest LSAT score is considered by the Admissions Committee. Please note LSAT scores are valid for a period of five years.

The Personal Statement is a very important part of the application and should be written with care. You must also submit to OLSAS two letters of reference. While at least one reference must be from an academic source, it is preferable to have two academic references.  You are also required to send your up to date official transcripts for all your post-secondary studies directly to OLSAS.

Please note that files are not assessed until they are complete and all required documents have been provided by the applicant.

See Important Dates for application deadlines.

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