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Mandatory vaccination for everyone returning to campus

Following uOttawa’s announcement, vaccination will be mandatory for all persons (students, faculty, staff, and visitors) who intend to access the uOttawa campus as of September 7th (first dose) and October 15th (complete vaccination), 2021.

Please refer to the mandatory vaccination webpage for more details.

What is the plan for vaccination? Vaccination is the responsibility of Ottawa Public Health. The City of Ottawa’s vaccination plan can be found here in English and here in French. 

Will there be a vaccination clinic on campus? Yes. The University opened a vaccination clinic on campus at the Minto Sports Complex on June 21st. It will remain open until further notice.

Will students who move to Ottawa for their studies be able to be vaccinated? Students with UHIP cards may get vaccinated through the Ottawa Public Health clinics now.

Masks and Face Coverings

If it is still mandatory to wear masks, who will be responsible for enforcing compliance? Ottawa Public Health and the University have mandated the wearing of masks in public places. Therefore, all students, support staff and faculty members who come on campus are required to wear masks in common areas such as washrooms, hallways, and classrooms. Since access to Fauteux, Brooks and 600 KED will be restricted to Faculty of Law users, compliance with this directive is expected. You may politely ask someone without a mask to put one on. In case of continued non-compliance, campus security may be called upon (as for any other disturbance or non-compliance with University regulations).

Will professors be required to teach with masks? All persons in common areas (including classrooms) in Fauteux, Brooks and 600 King Edward will be required to wear masks. If the professor does not wear a mask, they must stay behind the Plexiglas or at least 3 metres from others.

Will students be required to mask? All persons in common areas in Fauteux, Brooks and 600 King Edward will be required to wear masks.

Fauteux Hall

Can I come onto the campus? All professors may come to the campus without restriction provided they comply with mandatory vaccination and daily screening directives.

How will faculty members and support staff access Fauteux Hall or the Brooks Building? Fauteux and Brooks will be accessible only with a key card/key fob. Reminder: if you leave your office, please take your key card/key fob and cellular telephone with you in case you exit the building.

How do I get an access card?


Faculty of Law Access cards 

Students of the Common Law Section who wish to access Fauteux, Brooks, and 600 King Edward and who have not yet completed the access request form can do so through the online access card request form. Requests from students enrolled for Fall term in-person course(s) will be given priority. Once the form has been completed and submitted, students are invited to come in-person to the Common Law Student Centre. Cards will be ready for pick up one full working day after the form has been submitted online. For example, if you submit your request on Monday, your card will be ready on Wednesday. The Student Centre is currently open Tuesday-Thursday, from 9 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Students who have already submitted the access request form can pick up their access cards in-person at the Common Law Student Centre with their UOttawa student card or another photo ID. 

The opening hours of the Common Law Student Centre, FTX 237, are as follows: 

  • Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday: 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 p.m.-4 p.m. 

Full-time and part-time faculty members:

N.B. For new part-time faculty or for faculty who no longer have an access card, your card will be distributed by Multimedia. Please make an appointment to pick up your access card at Multimedia in Morisset Hall, room 006 or by phone at 613-562-5900 or 613-562-4616. They will need your name, employee number, email address, phone number and teaching schedule, including room and course code. Once the card is ready, they will schedule an appointment for pick up. The card must be picked up in person by the card owner as a signature is required.

For returning part-time faculty who already have an access card in their possession, it will be renewed, and you will not need to pick up a new card.

What sanitary measures (wearing a mask, plexiglass, etc.) must be observed during teaching?

Masks must be worn in the classroom. If the professor does not wear a mask, they must stay behind the Plexiglas or at least 3 metres from others. A visor can also be added to the mask.

What are the measures that the student community should follow?

If necessary, the professor  can remind them that the mask must be worn at all times. If the student refuses to wear the mask, the student should be asked to leave the room. If the student refuses to leave the room, Protection Services can be called in. These instructions must be respected by everyone at all times, even during seminars and group work.

The timetable of the courses has been made taking into account the circulation of the students. There are also fewer face-to-face than online courses this semester.

Who will enforce the maximum number of people in the classroom?

Faculty members will have a list of students who have face-to-face classes. If a student's name is not on the list, they should respectfully ask them to leave. If the student refuses, the professor can contact Protection Services.

On August 31, 2021, the Government of Ontario amended Regulation 364/20, which removes the physical separation and capacity requirements for indoor teaching areas (classrooms, laboratories, etc.) effective September 7, 2021. However, this amendment will not result in any significant changes to the measures already in place at the University.

What measures are in place regarding cleaning?

We would like to remind you that the transmission of the virus causing COVID-19 can be spread when small droplets are expelled by an infected person or in poorly ventilated and/or crowded areas by aerosol and not by surfaces. However, we have increased the frequency of cleaning to three times a day, which is a 50% increase compared to secondary schools. We have also prepared cleaning kits for faculty members to use when needed.

What tracking procedures are in place if a student shows symptoms?

A tracking system has been put in place in collaboration with Ottawa Public Health. Faculty members can still notify the Registrar's Office or have students who are experiencing symptoms complete the COVID-19 assessment tool .

What changes have been implemented to ensure adequate ventilation in the classrooms?

Facilities Management has conducted a thorough analysis of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in all classrooms and has put in place a 10-point plan to ensure that we meet and exceed the recommendations for air quality and circulation in the learning spaces. Filters will be changed at more frequent intervals and regular air quality and flow checks will be carried out throughout the term. In some cases, the increased airflow may result in additional noise in the classrooms. If this is the case, microphone adjustments and/or follow-up with Facilities Management may be necessary.

Traffic flow:   A new traffic flow plan has been implemented and traffic flow arrows have been marked on the floors and stairwells. Traffic through the main entrance (57 Louis-Pasteur) will be one way entering through the lobby. Exiting will take place through other doorways. Student ambassadors will ask people not to congregate in the lobby or other common areas. All persons entering Fauteux are asked to respect the traffic flow arrows on the floors and stairwells. Please be respectful and courteous to other persons.

If you need assistance finding a classroom, washroom, or other location in Fauteux, please use the “Maps” feature on the “See you at FTX!” web page.

How will persons with mobility challenges enter and exit Fauteux? They may choose to enter through the main entrance (57 Louis-Pasteur) or through the northeast entrance at the bottom of the newly re-built ramp between Fauteux and the Leblanc residence. The northeast entrance may be more convenient since it is closer to lockers and washrooms. It is also on the same level as the elevators.

Will other faculties have classes in FTX?  Are there any means to control access to FTX? No other faculties will be allowed to schedule classes in FTX. All students, support staff and faculty members will need an access card to enter FTX and BRS.

Will classes be staggered to prevent over-crowding in hallways?   Professors will be asked to end their classes 10-15 minutes early and if possible, begin their classes 5-10 minutes late. Our goal is to reduce the number of persons gathering in hallways before classes begin.

How will you ensure that the physical environment will be safe? By using masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant, the workspace will be as safe as possible for students, support staff and faculty members to return to campus. Common areas are being cleaned daily and all employees are responsible for sanitizing their workspace and will be provided with cleaning supplies. Additional personal protective equipment such as face shields and plexiglass shields can be provided to whomever wants one.

What about access to kitchens and drinking water?  The third-floor student lounge, café and microwaves are not accessible for use. The staff kitchen in FTX 229 is not accessible for meals but the refrigerators and microwaves may be used. Drinking fountains can be used only to fill water bottles.

If we are still under restrictions on outdoor/indoor gatherings how will that be managed so that the number of people present on campus in these scenarios?  Fauteux Hall and the Brooks Building have limits on how many people are allowed in daily. Access is limited to students, support staff and faculty members who have access cards or key fobs.

Will everyone have to answer daily questions on their symptoms like one does when going to businesses or other service providers? Yes.  Please consult the following web pages: 

Will professors and students be allowed to eat in classes? It is the professor’s discretion whether students are permitted to eat in their class. If people remove their masks briefly to eat or drink, this should not be a problem. Please be courteous and mindful of other people.

Will professors and students be allowed to eat in the building? This is an individual choice and if people remove their masks briefly to eat or drink, there is no problem. However, the third-floor student lounge, café and microwaves are not accessible for use. Please be courteous and mindful of other people.

For bimodal teaching, will classrooms be equipped for both professors and students? Fauteux has been re-fitted for hybrid/bimodal teaching. Microphones, computers, and cameras have been installed to allow for this teaching model.

Virtual Teaching Resource Website: 

The resource website is here and provides a series of ‘how to’ guides, including documents and videos.  To allow for immediate access for all full-time and part-time faculty, the website is open-access and does not require login or a password.  Further resources will be added as created. You can also book a training session via the website (more information on that below). We also want to remind you that the “Strategies for Adapting to Online Teaching” on Brightspace is still active (the new website includes some, but not all, of the resources on the Brightspace). 

In a hybrid scenario, what plans are in place to support students who will have to switch between in person and remote classes but cannot leave campus to do so?   Answer: The Brian Dickson Law Library has set aside FTX 430 for law students to attend their on-line classes.

The Faculty of Law has identified a number of empty classrooms in FTX where students can follow their on-line classes. Click here to see a schedule of available classrooms.

These rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis and a space is not guaranteed. The room capacity notice on the classroom door must be respected. Headphones must be worn while using your laptop computer. Please be respectful of other users in the classroom.

Other buildings on campus with dedicated study spaces are:

  • 600 King Edward
  • Morisset Library

For a complete list of buildings with study spaces, please click here.

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