Annual Report


As set out in the Gift Agreement which established the Shirley E. Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession at the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Law, in 2005:

The ‘Shirley E. Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession’ is designed to strengthen University of Ottawa teaching, research and administration as they relate to feminist perspectives on law.  It is also designed to maintain and develop links between women in the legal academy and women in the legal profession.

The Chair builds upon the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section’s international reputation as a leader in the field of social justice initiatives by engaging both internal and external communities in feminist legal research, curriculum development, mentoring and a variety of lectures and colloquia.

The holder of the ‘Shirley E. Greenberg Chair for Women and the Legal Profession’ works with an existing group of scholars, all committed to women’s equality through law, to encourage women to enter the profession, to train legal professionals to deliver services to women, to connect women in law school with women in the legal profession, and to further law reform and research impacting on women as clients and women in the profession.

This year the Chair was held by Professor Elizabeth Sheehy. On my own behalf as well as faculty and students, I would like to acknowledge, with gratitude, the extraordinary gift that Shirley Greenberg has made to us. This gift has allowed us to undertake research, education, training and support for women students and faculty and to help build and maintain feminist community. I believe that in turn this gift contributes to the enrichment of the legal profession and the public good. I hope that the brief accounting of the Chair’s activities for the past year will give a flavour of the wonderful experiences and opportunities this generous gift makes possible. 

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