Neuberger-Jesin Professor of International Conflict Resolution


The Neuberger-Jesin Professor is a conflict resolution expert internationally and engages students from uOttawa in such work to enhance their own training in resolution, mediation and arbitration of international conflicts. The Neuberger-Jesin Professor also operates a clinical course in international conflict resolution as part of an international mediation lab under the auspices of the professorship.


The Neuberger-Jesin International Conflict Resolution Professorship was created thanks to a generous gift by spouses Edie Neuberger and Norm Jesin, who attended the Faculty of Law, Common Law Section together and graduated in 1981.

“We believe that we have the responsibility to make this world a better place,” said Ms. Neuberger and Mr. Jesin upon the inaugural awarding of the professorship.

Edie Neuberger is a lawyer in private practice in Toronto. Norm Jesin, a labour lawyer, arbitrator and mediator, knows first-hand the importance of conflict resolution skills.

John Packer

John Packer

Professor John Packer is an experienced practitioner with over 30 years of professional experience including 20 years with the United Nations (UNHCR, ILO, OHCHR, UNDPA) and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (HCNM). He has an active professional practice with experience in almost every region of the world, having advised numerous governments, intergovernmental organizations, communities and other actors in over fifty countries. In 2012-2014, he was the Constitutions and Process Design Expert on the UN's Standby Team of Mediation Experts advising on fifteen conflict situations. From 1995 to 2004, he served as Senior Legal Adviser, then first Director of the OSCE's High Commissioner on National Minorities conducting quiet preventive diplomacy and a range of successful mediation processes across Central and Eastern Europe and throughout the former Soviet Union.

Professor Packer is also the Director of the Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC) at the University of Ottawa. The focus of his research and practice is at the inter-section of human rights (including minority rights) and security, notably conflict prevention and resolution, international peace mediation, diversity management, transitional arrangements, constitutional and legal reform, and institutional developments at domestic and multilateral levels.

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