Information for Researchers

Awards and Recognition

Support provided by the Research Office

  • Providing information on awards and honours
  • Developing individual strategies for nominations
  • Liaising with the Offices for Chairs’, Centres, and Awards and Distinctions
  • Communicating with the organizations that award prizes
  • Advising candidates on how to prepare nomination files
  • Development of some specific parts of the nomination file
  • Reviewing and editing documents in the nomination file
  • Coordinating the nomination file
  • Requesting letters of support on behalf of the VDR (and doing all necessary follow ups)
  • Advising on CV formats, and supporting re-formatting efforts
  • Submission of the nomination file
  • Announcing positive results

Please contact Andrew Kuntze ( for more information on how the Research Office can support you in pursuing award opportunities.

Awards for Published Research

There are many award opportunities for published research. Please consult this list to see what is available.

We encourage researchers to act on the opportunities presented in these lists. Often a nomination requires simply sending in an electronic copy of an article, or requesting that your publisher send in a copy of your book. And many of these awards encourage self-nominations. If you think your work fits a given award’s subject area, then please consider submitting.

If you are unsure about the rules for submitting, or the procedure for preparing a nomination, please contact Andrew Kuntze (

OVPRI Awards and Recognition Resources

Managing Funds

You have received a new grant?

Please tell us so that we can announce the good news (Web, Twitter).

Note: It is important that researchers take into account the communications policies of Tri-Council and other agencies when announcing new grants and awards. Tri-Council Public Communications Policy (SSHRC, CIHR, NSERC)

Before sharing news of your success, please ensure that there are no embargoes in place delaying the official release of results. If you have questions about when and where you may announce your grant results, please contact Andrew Kuntze at

Make sure you have sent the following to Natalie Carter (

  • your RE form, completed and signed (otherwise the funds can not be transferred)
  • a copy of your grant application
  • any decision notice from the granting agency

Financial Services

Generally, the management of funds is handled by the Common Law Section’s financial services team. For questions about managing research funds, please contact

General Guidelines

Below are some general uOttawa guidelines on the management of research funds.

Knowledge Mobilization

Knowledge Mobilization means promoting and facilitating the use of research among knowledge users (stakeholders, decision makers, policy makers, practitioners, community members, patients, etc.) to help them make informed decisions about policies, programs, practices and behaviours. It encompasses a wide range of activities relating to the production and use of knowledge generated from research such as knowledge synthesis, dissemination, and co-creation by researchers and knowledge users.

The Research Office can offer support in developing a Knowledge Mobilization strategy and activities.

Click here for more information via uOttawa Research.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion mean understanding and acknowledging social inequalities and committing to build a more equitable, diverse and inclusive research enterprise.

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