Share Your Story With French LPP’s Candidates!

Every year, the French Law Practice Program at the uOttawa (PPD) welcomes their new cohort. For 8 months, candidates enrolled in the Law Society of Ontario’s Lawyer Licensing Process will receive a practical training in a simulated law firm that will include meetings with clients, simulated cases at the Court, a legal info-clinic in Toronto, participation at many conferences and much more.

Every year, the success of the Program lies on the involvement of lawyers who teach in our program, offer mentorship and placements for our candidates. The PPD would like to invite you to be part of this innovative program that teaches candidates to think and act like lawyers.

You practice in Ontario and want to enhance the experience at the PPD? Why not provide a placement to a PPD candidate?

  • Placement are from January to April
  • Candidates are motivated and ready to hit the ground running
  • Candidates received a practical and detailed training offered by lawyers who are experts in their area of work
  • All candidates can offer services in both official languages and can contribute to increase services in French in your organization.

YES! I Want To Offer a Placement

Would You Like To Be Involve In Another Way?

The PPD trains future lawyers by using many experience-based methods. To learn more on ways you can get involve, contact the PPD by e-mail at or by phone at 613-562-5800, ext. 1011.

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