Poster: A poster about Editing your Writing in layers.

At the top of the poster it says Dig in and Layer up. Edit in layers

On the left hand side is a  five layer chocolate cake. Each cake layer is a different colour.  Next to the cake are five horizontal bands with the same colours.  Each coloured band gives the title of an editing layer and a few words about that layer.

The first band has the initials C.A.P. which stand for context, audience and purpose. The second band has the word Structure, and the words point-first openings and descriptive headings.

The third band has the word Continuity and the words transition words and phrases, ambiguous pronouns and inconsistent terms

The fourth band has the word Clarity and the words subject-verb-object, misplaced modifiers and wordiness

The fifth band has the word Surface edits and the words typos, spelling, grammar and punctuation.


The bottom of other poster  says Its Good for You.

  A poster about Editing your Writing in layers.

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