Delphine Nakache


Delphine Nakache
Associate professor

LL.B. (1998) – Droit public – Institut d'études politiques
LL.M. (2002) – Droit – Université du Québec à Montréal
LL.D. (2009) – Law – McGill University

Room: Brooks (430)
Bureau: + 1 (613) 562-5800 ext. 2647
Courriel professionnel:


Delphine Nakache is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law (French Common Law). She  teaches courses in the areas of public international law and  immigration and refugee law. She has researched and published on issues related to the human rights and security-based implications of migration, citizenship and refugee laws and policies, both in Europe and Canada. Her main focus is on issues surrounding the protection of migrant workers, asylum seekers and non-status migrants, and on barriers to citizenship for disadvantaged immigrants.

Prof. Nakache is a member of several research teams. She is leading a five-year SSHRC-funded research on pathways into and out of precarity for migrant workers in Canada (Profs Idil Atak, Jason Foster, Luin Goldring, Co-Investigators). She is also leading the Canadian portion of a three-year Horizon 2020 EU research project analyzing how the protection regimes of some countries (Belgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, Norway, South Africa, Uganda) address the "vulnerabilities" of migrants seeking protection, and how migrants' concrete experiences are affected accordingly (Profs Dagmar Soennecken and François Crépeau, Co-investigators; Nathan Benson and Prof. James Milner, Collaborators). She is also a Co-Investigator in several funded research projects:

  • A SSHRC-funded research (Insight Grant, 2014-2019) exploring the intersection of security, irregular migration and asylum (led by Idil Atak).
  • A SSHRC-funded research (Partnership Grant, 2013-2019) investigating employment-related geographical mobility and its consequences for workers, families, employers, communities, and all levels of governments (“On The Move”, led by Barb Neis.).
  • A  SSHRC-funded research (Partnership Grant, 2018-2025) titled " Civil society and the global refugee regime: understanding and enhancing impact through the implementation of global refugee policy”, led by James Milner.). In this research, she is leading the working group on "Protection", in collaboration with the Refugee Hub.
  • A France-Canada funded research (2017-2019), exploring the role of citizenship acquisition for immigrant integration trajectories in Canada and France (led by Elke Winter and Myriam Hachimi Alaoui)

Prof. Nakache provides consultancy work for the United Nations and the Government of Canada. She is an International Adviser with the International Detention Coalition.

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