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Georgina Heydon
Part-time professor

PhD (Monash University, Australia)
B.A. Hons Linguistics (Monash University, Australia)

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Prof Georgina Heydon (RMIT University, Australia) is an internationally recognised expert in the field of forensic linguistics and investigative interviewing.  She has published numerous academic papers and books on the topic of interviewing and information elicitation.  Since 2014, Prof Heydon has been working with colleagues in Criminology and Justice Studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia) and Universidad Eduardo Mondlane, Maputo (Mozambique) to address the barriers to justice experienced by women reporting sexual assault and domestic violence in multi-cultural and multi-lingual settings.

As a forensic linguist Prof Heydon provides expert evidence on police interviewing tactics, threat identification, and authorship. She has delivered interviewing training and advice to police and legal professionals in Australia, the USA, Sweden, Belgium, Indonesia, South Africa, China, the Philippines, Mozambique and Canada.  She has been an invited guest speaker of national judicial colleges, the FBI, the European Police College and many police academies as well as lawyer firms and corporate clients. She is currently the President of the International Association of Forensic Linguists.

“…the leading expert in Australia, if not the world, on interviewing techniques and their efficacy.” Justice Peter Gray (Federal Court of Australia, ret)

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Recent Publications


Heydon, G (2019) Researching Forensic Linguistics: Approaches and Applications. London, UK: Routledge

Allan, K., Bradshaw, J., Burridge, K., Finch, G., and Heydon, G (2010) The Palgrave Companion to English Language and Linguistics. Houndmills: Palgraves Macmillan Ltd.

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Book Chapters

Mabasso, E. & Heydon, G. (forthcoming 2019) The interaction between official language and legal pluralism in Mozambican police interviews. In (M. Ralarala, R. Kaschula and G. Heydon eds) New Frontiers in Forensic Linguistics. Cape Town, SA, Sun Media.

MacFarlane, J., Kurt, C., Heydon, G. & Roh, A. (forthcoming 2019) ‘Like Giving a Wheelchair to Someone Who Should Be Walking’: Interpreter Access and the Problematisation of Linguistic Diversity in the Justice System. In (M. Ralarala, R. Kaschula and G. Heydon eds) New Frontiers in Forensic Linguistics. Cape Town, SA, Sun Media.

Muniroh, D., Findling, J., Heydon, G. (2018). What’s in a question: A case for a culturally appropriate interviewing protocol in the Australian Refugee Review Tribunal. In Imam, N. (Ed) Immigrants, Refugees, Asylum-Seekers, and Forensic Linguistics. Delaware, USA: Vernon Press.

Heydon, G. (2018). Police suspect interviewing. In J. Visconti (Ed) Handbook of Communication in the Legal Sphere. Book Series: Handbooks of Applied Linguistics. Walter de Gruyer.

La Rooy, D., Heydon, G. Korkman, J., & Myklebust, T. (2015). Interviewing Child Witnesses. In G. Oxburgh, T. Myklebust, T. Grant & B. Milne (Eds.).  Communication in Forensic Contexts: Integrated Approaches from Psychology, Linguistics and Law Enforcement. Wiley-Blackwell.

Refereed Journals

Heydon, G. and Mabasso, E. (2018) How are language challenges in domestic violence reporting understood by justice stakeholders in Mozambique? Language Matters

Heydon, G. and Naylor, B. (2017) Criminal record checking and employment: the importance of policy and proximity. Australian & New Zealand Journal of Criminology pp1-23 DOI:

Pruitt, L., Hamilton, G., Heydon, G. and Spark, C. (2017) Abbott’s ‘Budget Crisis,’ CALD Women’s Loss?: Service Providers Explore the Impact of Funding Cuts. Australian Journal of Political Science.

Findling, J and Heydon, G. (2016) Questioning the evidence: A case for best-practice models of interviewing in the Refugee Review Tribunal. Journal of Judicial Administration Vol 26 (4) pp 19-30

Heydon, G. and Powell, A. (2016) Written Response Interview Protocols: An innovative approach to confidential reporting and victim interviewing in sexual assault investigations. Policing and Society. DOI: 10.1080/10439463.2016.1187146

Lai, M., Heydon, G. and Mulayim, S. (2015) Vicarious Trauma for Interpreters. International Journal of Interpreter Education Vol 7 (1) ISSN 2150-5772, pp 3-22

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