Richard Connors


Richard Connors
Associate Professor

1993 ― PhD Modern History, Cambridge University
1989 ― MA History, University of Alberta
1987 ― BA History, University of Alberta

Room: Room 304
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 1303
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Since 1992, Dr. Connors has had the good fortune to teach at the University of Essex, UK, (1992-1993), University of Alberta (1994-2002) and the University of Ottawa (2002-present). In addition to teaching history at these institutions, he also taught in the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, (2000-2002). Dr. Connors has supervised numerous MA and PhD students and acted as an examiner of MA and Doctoral theses.


Fields of interest

  • Early Modern Britain
  • Modern Britain
  • British Empire

Ongoing research

My current research examines the relationship between the British and those peoples in North America and India, who, either through appropriation or conquest came under the umbrella of British imperial governance. This research program addresses the question of how Britain, as a political nation and an imperial state, perceived its legal relationship with those peoples whose lands the Hudson’s Bay and East Indian Companies sought to exploit. Research on these aspects of the British Imperium shed new light on how attitudes towards indigenous and colonial populations shaped the development of policies within the Anglo-American and Indian worlds.

Selected publications

Books (co-edition)

Forging Alberta’s Constitutional Framework (U. Alberta P., 2005).
Anglo-American Millennialism: From Milton to the Millerites (E. J. Brill, 2004).
Hanoverian Britain and Empire: Essays in Memory of Philip Lawson (Boydell & Brewer, 1998). 
Numerous articles and reviews on early modern British and imperial history.

Monograph on the nature of state and politics in modern Britain (forthcoming).

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