Louise Bélanger-Hardy


Louise Bélanger-Hardy
Full Professor

LL.B. (Ottawa)
LL.M. (University College London)

Room: 57 Louis Pasteur St., Room FTX 382
Bureau: 613-562-5800 ext. 3320
Fax: 613-562-5124
Courriel professionnel: Louise.Belanger-Hardy@uOttawa.ca


Member - Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, University of Ottawa


Member – LIFE Research Institute, University of Ottawa


I teach and research in Health Law and Tort Law.

Recent conference : Liability of Health Professionals and the Mental Health Patient, International Academy of Law and Mental Health, Rome, Italy – July 2019


My current research focuses on mental health, the liability of health professionals, legal and ethical dimensions of research involving the aged, and legal issues in home care.

For 12 years (2007 à 2019), I was a member and adjudicator with the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board, an administrative tribunal with the mandate to revise decisions on complaint and registration matters from all Ontario Colleges including the CPSO, CNO, CPO, and CRPO.

My interest for health related issues has led to a number of experiences including as member and adjudicator with the Health Services Appeal and Review of Ontario Board (health insurance matters), and member of research ethics committees (REBs) with Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, Canadian Blood Services and the University of Ottawa.

Examples of publications:

Louise Bélanger-Hardy, “Informed Choice in Medical Care” in Joanna Erdman, Vanessa Gruben & Erin Nelson, Canadian Health Law and Policy, 5th ed. LexisNexis: Toronto, 2017, chap 14.

Louise Bélanger-Hardy, “Malpractice and Mental Health Care” in Jennifer Chandler & Colleen Flood, eds, Mind and Law: Mental Health Law and Policy in Canada, LexisNexis: Markham ON, 2016.

Louise Bélanger-Hardy & Caroline Quesnel, “Patient Safety Incidents and Protection of Quality Assurance Activities: Legislative and Jurisprudential Responses” (2015) 9:1 McGill Journal of Law and Health 69.


I have taught Tort Law at the Faculty of Law for many years. With colleague Denis Boivin, I am the author of La responsabilité délictuelle en common law, the first Canadian textbook and materials on Tort Law in French.

In my research I focus on compensation for mental harm (psychiatric, psychological and emotional). Some of my articles have been cited by the Supreme Court of Canada e.g. in Saadati v Moorhead, 2017 SCC 28.

Examples of publications:

Louise Bélanger-Hardy, « Thresholds of Actionable Mental Harm in Negligence: A Policy-Based Analysis » (2013) 36 Dalhousie LJ 1-33.

Louise Bélanger-Hardy, « Reconsidering the “Recognizable Psychiatric Illness” Requirement in Canadian Negligence Law » (2012) 38:2 Queen’s LJ 583- 616.


I have an interest in comparative law and have worked in various capacities with Quebec colleagues and other organisations applying the civil law of Quebec, in particular the law of obligations (responsabilité extra-contractuelle). I have also taught in this area in Ottawa, Montreal and France.

Examples of publications:

Louise Bélanger-Hardy, «Mental harm following negligent acts: a new dialogue between Quebec's civil law and Canada's common law?» in Michael Tilbury et Andrew Robertson, eds., Divergence and Convergence in Private Law, Oxford, Hart Publishing, 2015, 37.

Louise Bélanger-Hardy & Aline Grenon, Elements of Quebec Civil Law– A Comparison with the Common Law of Canada and Éléments de common law canadienne – comparaison avec le droit civil Québécois. This last work received the Walter Owen Prize, 2010, awarded by the Foundation for Legal Research and the Canadian Bar Association.

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